At workogether, we believe that most successful electronic entertainment technologies -whether hardware or software, are outstanding. Indeed, serving these markets requires excellence: your clients, whether professionals or consumers, are the most demanding because extremely knowledgeable and technology aware. This is what motivates us to share our experience and help you define and grow your business. Workogether was founded by Virgile Delporte in early 2010, after a decade of successful international experience within the middleware and entertainment space. We are driven by a set of simple and clear values, around a strong moto: “The most important asset of a company is its people”. Our values are the following:

Trust: business ethics is absolutely critical to us. A verbal commitment is as important as a contract, no matter what. We need you to trust us but we also need to trust you before we engage on a collaboration.

Result oriented: most consulting firms work like lawyers. They charge by the hour and it’s really hard for you to measure your return on investment. When you engage with workogether, we do commit to what we master, with set means and goals.

Have fun while working: if we find a project boring, more politically speaking not suitable to us, we will let you know immediately. We believe we can only be efficient if we enjoy what we do.

Our headquarters are located in Paris, France and we operate in different European countries. We primarily contract with companies outside Europe, namely in Asia Pacific and North America. Among others, we have worked with clients like SoftKinetic and TransGaming.

If you want to find out more or discuss a project, simply contact us, we’ll be happy to explore how we could help you.